This is a pictureImperium features an impressive range of features and is constantly being developed, so you can be assured that new features, modules and bug fixes are a priority in this Content Managements Systems development.

Powerful Administration Console
The administration control panel of Imperium CMS offers you a vast array of powerful, yet simple to use features without all the extra useless add-on's seen in many Content Management Systems. So you get to do the most important thing - concentrate on creating engaging content.

Quick & Easy Skinning
Creating engaging content is only part of what attracts visitors to your web site. Good looks, fast loading and an easy to update design is also important. With that in mind we have kept the skinning of Imperium CMS quick and easy with minimal tags to maintain.

You can go from concept to working design in less than 30 minutes once you are accustomed to the simple layout and stylesheets.

SEO Features
Search Engine Optimisation is an important part of Imperium CMS, and we have included easy to use SEO features to offer you the ability to maintain each pages meta tags, title and description in an easy to use interface.

Accessability Matters
We have developed a range of accessability features to ensure all visitors are catered for, no matter what their method of reading the information on your pages is.

You can quickly and easily add accessability options to your pages in the form of title tags and access keys.

Powerful Online Image Gallery
Imperium CMS features a powerful online image gallery that allows you to easily create galleries to categorise your images, add new contributors and styles.

Displaying the images is presented using the popular jLightbox to create an engaging experience for site visitors.