What is Imperium?

Imperium is a Content Management System developed from the ground up to offer a easy to use interface with a modular design to allow for future expansion.

Designed & developed by Paul Charlton for use as part of I-Pixel: Creative Simplicity's Web Development services, Imperium CMS has been used on an expanding portfolio of commercial projects.

Simple & Powerful

Imperium offers a very simple interface, yet is incredibly powerful! You can quickly and easily create new pages, select navigation elements, control your Search Engine Optimisation on a per page basis, add accessibility features, insert Google Analytics code in every page in 1 simple step, and so much more.

Rich Text Editor (TinyMCE)

Imperium CMS includes the powerful TinyMCE Rich Text Editor making content editing easy and straightforward.

Add to that the ability to upload, catalogue, edit and insert your images in various formats and you have all the tools needed for creating engaging content.

CSS Layout

CSS LogoUsing CSS driven designs, Imperium CMS offers a versatile infrastructure for creating and modifying your web site themes.

Using the simple upload interface, you can quickly and easily create new layouts, upload them and activate them, all within minutes.

Harness the power of CSS design with Imperium CMS and start creating beautiful, cross browser compatible designs for your web projects.

Google Analytics

Google AnalyticsDeveloping an engaging and useful web site is only the start, once the visitors start rolling in you need to know what they are doing, what pages are most popular, how long they visit, how deep they go into your site structure in order to make informed decisions.

That's why ImperiumCMS has the popular Google Analytics feature built in ready for you to start tracking your site visitors.

Accessibility Matters

With accessibility being a legal requirement in many countries, Imperium CMS offers a range of built in accessibility features, including: Set Access Keys to any master page & Title Tags to any master page.

Imperium is designed to be a modular development tool and as such expanding the features is an easy process. Additionally, the Style Sheet Manager feature offers an easy method for uploading and managing the CSS Style Sheet used on the main site. So creating a look that appeals is an easy process and switching between style sheets is also painless.

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